What philton freezing  La depilación láser de la máquina  require several hair removal hair removal treatment in order to achieve a satisfactory hair removal treatment effect? To make hair removal treatment for people who choose this hair removal technique has many advantages. Go to regular medical institutions freezing hair removal treatment is important.

Freezing hair removal is the most advanced secure permanent hair removal techniques. It is based on a specific band laser penetrates the skin through the hair follicle so that hair follicle atrophy, inhibition of hair growth. Because of the selective absorption of light principle, treatment, destruction of hair follicles only, not as the sweat glands, sebaceous glands and lymph containing tissue such as nerve and other skin absorption of other subsidiary organs, and therefore, will not affect the sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and other functions, will not cause harm to the skin, safe and reliable after finishing treatment does not affect the normal working life.


Freezing hair removal treatment methods belong to permanent hair removal method. Light hair removal hair removal and acupuncture treatments belong to this type. Specific to laser hair removal, the number of many aspects of the effects of treatment and treatment, treatment interval, the energy of the treatment, the body's individual differences are determined, in general, the number of freezing hair removal treatment the more likely to reach purpose of permanent hair removal, if the number of treatments is too small, the effect of the treatment will be temporary. Therefore, permanent hair removal is relative rather than absolute, not a dead end.


Generally you want to achieve the purpose of hair removal, hair removal freezing four times a course of treatment is necessary, but should strictly follow the physician to tell you the time interval for treatment, the treatment time can not be separated too long, otherwise easy to treatment failure. Of course, there are also individual hair follicle powerful, even after a very rigorous course of hair removal treatments,  Equipo láser de depilación  are still a few hair growth, but this time the hair is generally relatively small, similar vellus hair, does not affect the appearance, if it should be obvious then a course treatment.